Sunday, June 6, 2010

Review: The Young Veins - Take A Vacation!

Every once in a while a band come along that mines The Beatles for inspiration and many of them fall flat. That's not the case with The Young Veins, a band that wears it's influences on it's sleeves, which in this case is a great thing.

Last June, Ryan Ross (Guitar/Vocals) and Jon Walker (Bass/Vocals) quit Panic at the Disco citing "creative differences." When Panic released the song 'New Perspective,' the differences were quite clear, the other members of Panic were happy to retread into their infant stage and keep releasing the same kind of garbage from their debut album. Ross and Walker on the other hand had much better ideas. They went on to form The Young Veins and in the process have created an album that recalls "Help!" with a little bit of early Kinks for good measure.

"Take A Vacation!" starts off strong and stays that way, both musically and lyrically throughout the album. While listening to the opening track, 'Change,' one could be convinced that George Harrison was playing lead guitar. The song's Phil Spector-ish production lures you in and will certainly keep you there.
The title track is a classic story of just wanting to run away with that special someone, something that almost anyone could understand. From there we get to the album's true highlight, 'Cape Town,' which features some truly inspired playing from both Ross and Walker, and one of the best, most heartfelt choruses to come along in a long time.

Another highlight is 'Everyone But You,' which recalls The Beatles 'Yesterday' in it's simplicity. This is another case where the song is carried by a very strong lyric and only enhanced by the playing of the musicians. A tale of heartbreak and remorse, it's one of the most beautiful songs on the record. The lyrics are truly haunting at times with the chorus of "She comes to me, when I dream, I'm tired of counting sheep to see her, I sleep because I need her," it's a relatable song in an album filled with them.
It's great to hear a young band these days that is able to pay tribute to a classic act without having the music sound forced. One can only hope that this band is here to stay and that "Take A Vacation!," is their "Please, Please Me," just the first in a stellar career of music.

So if you're a fan of pre-Rubber Soul Beatles and Beach Boys-esque harmonies then this is going to be the soundtrack to your summer. It's just simple, but great music from a group of young musicians that still has a lot more to offer.

Best Tracks:
Cape Town
Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't
Everyone But You

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