Sunday, June 6, 2010

Review: Sleigh Bells - Treats

What happens when hype goes terribly wrong? "Treats" is what happens. I like to think that I have a pretty good ear for whats "hip" and "cool," but if this is what can pass for "Best New Music," then I'd rather be deaf. Which is what I'll probably be if I listen to this album anymore.

Now, I get what this duo is trying to do with making dumb songs that you can party to, however, if these were playing at a party I would suggest the host change the music immediately. I just don't get it, are they being LOUD for the sake of being loud? Or is there some deeper meaning to the production? I'm going to guess it's the former.

I'm all for a dumb good time, but the music on this album just seems like Ke$ha on steroids most of the time, and that's certainly not a compliment. Alexis Krauss has the ability to be a fine front woman but her voice on these songs is barely hear-able. The music has the tendency to drown out the vocals to the point of unintelligibly, which is never a good thing.
With more restraint in the loudness department, Sleigh Bells could be a very good band, but like I said, it seems they're being loud for the sake of it. There's no way this shtick is going to be able to sustain an entire career, would you really want to hear an entire career's worth of incessant noise and distorted vocals?

The one track where they turn down the volume, to an extent, is 'Rill Rill.' It's the only track I noticed that isn't entirely overwhelming and actually lets the vocals shine. It's actually a very pretty song with some stellar acoustic playing on the part of Derek Miller with the killer hook of "Have a Heart, Have a Heart," that has some serious summer-mix potential.

To make a long story short, take my advice and don't buy into the hype. Unless of course you like the volume turned up to a crisp 11 at all (most) times.

Best Track:
Rill Rill

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