Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review: The People Vs Larry Flynt

An earth shattering look at free speech in America and one of its strongest proponents.

Milos Forman does fantastic work here directing Harrelson to one of his best performances as "smut peddler" Larry Flynt. This is a great cast all around with a career making turn by Edward Norton and Forman's usual group of ensemble players.

The standout here, even more than Harrelson is Courtney Love, whose performance is transcendent. She goes toe to toe with Woody and lights up the screen. Really great work.

This is an essential picture for anyone who's ever had an unpopular opinion and gotten flak for it. The People Vs Larry Flynt proves that just because you speak out against what's accepted, it doesn't make you a criminal to say it. You deserve to be heard, no matter what.

Evidence that a heartfelt story doesn't need to have lovable or even likeable characters to get its point across. This is one of the absolute best films of the 90's

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