Sunday, April 4, 2010

Review: Black Francis - NONSTOPEROTIK

A full album of songs about sex sung by Black Francis of Pixies fame might not seem too appetizing when you first hear about it...but trust me, this is one of his strongest outings since 1994's 'Teenager of the Year.' Although it's not as epic and sprawling as that mid-90's masterpiece, it is however a great album and a great reminder that the man still knows how to write some amazing songs.

The opening riff to 'Lake of Sin' lets you know what you're in for, for the remainder of the album. The refrain of "Lake of Sin" shows Mr. Francis in fine voice, and perhaps he's even gotten better with age.

The single 'Six-Legged Man' is a rocker in the purest sense of the word, being dedicated to the "undisputed Queen and Kings of the back beat...Teri and The Possibilities." This song also features some of my favorite Francis lyrics in the form of "Someone take the high note, Someone take the low note, Someone take the middle, Ain't no second fiddle." It's songs like this that make me wonder why this man hasn't made it huge as a solo artist, it's just too good to not be known.
Other critics have said the album stumbles with his cover of 'Wheels' by the Flying Burrito Brothers, I disagree. For this reviewer at least, it's a highlight of the album. From the fuzzy guitar to the backbeat this is just a great song, and Black Francis does it justice.

The dirtiest chorus on the album certainly belongs to 'When I Go Down On You," even though the song is less graphic than it is a beautiful plea for love. Another interesting note is that the title track itself isn't all that erotic but in fact pretty romantic.

With the closer 'Cinema Star' the best was saved for last. In this song he compares himself to a movie star "just not the kind you think." This is one of Francis' most personal songs, it calls back the classic 'Letter To Memphis' from the Pixies "Trompe Le Monde" in it's lyrical content.

So is it as good as Bluefinger? No it is not...but is it great nonetheless? Of course.

Best Tracks:
Cinema Star
Six Legged Man
Lake Of sin


Griffe said...

Yes, I agree with all that you say ! Do you know who are these "Teri & Possibilities" ?

The Real Matt C said...

I honestly have no clue who they are...he might have just made them up.