Thursday, April 3, 2008

Best Album of All Time?

I recently started going through my music collection again. I came upon an album I hadn't listened to in quite some time, but always enjoyed. The album is Kid A by Radiohead, and after a few listens and comparisons...I can safely say it's one of the best albums of all time. Lush electronic textures and bass lines, lyrics that don't make sense because they don't need too, and first rate production by Nigel Godrich, this is an album not to be missed.
When first released it caused a bit of a stir with the departure of Radiohead's "rock" sound and move into the world of electronic music, but it was all for the better. Every band needs to evolve, but so few get it right on their first try.
I suggest everyone reading this blog check out the album, it's available in stores or on many torrent sites. Or just contact me for a copy. Till next time, this has been another message from The Matt's Realm.

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